Do you have questions about our products or a problem with a device we have bought? Here you can contact our support by email. We will immediately contact you.

Guarantee processing B²C
In the event of a warranty claim for a device purchased from us, the following options are available:

* Rectification / repair of the device
* Exchange for an equivalent device
* Conversion of purchase (money back)

Please note the following in all warranty cases:
Be sure to keep the invoice for the goods! Guarantee processing is only carried out with an invoice. If you no longer have the packaging, make sure that the device / goods arrive safely packaged. The device is checked by us and the error is confirmed. Also read our terms and conditions and the guarantee conditions.

RMA Support (B²B)
The RMA regulation applies to business customers.

Each device under RMA must have an RMA authorization number. Please ask for this number before returning a product. We are not responsible for products that have been returned without approval! All returns must be provided with a return authorization number and the associated documents.

All sales of equipment are final. If an exception is made, a top-up fee of 30% will be charged, excluding DOA devices.

The return authorization is only valid for 45 days from the date of sale. Mail for RMA number inquiries:

All returned products must be properly packaged and sent to us so that the devices can be safely transported with the original packaging and complete accessories. The sender is responsible for the insurance of the shipment. Recell24 is not liable for lost or damaged returns. Returns must be sent by the sender to the address given on the RMA papers. At our discretion, we will send repaired or replaced products either by standard shipping (DHL) or the cheapest shipping method. Product returns that are considered improper or otherwise manipulated will not be considered for repair or return.

Every product that is returned as defective and is not found to be defective will be re-tested, certified and returned. The Recell24 RMA only covers manufacturing and software errors and no damage due to installation, environment or natural causes. In addition to or consequential damages are not covered by RMA.