That is important to us!

Recell24 consistently pursues its own strategy for smartphones

There are a lot of sellers of smartphones. We call them resellers! However, there are very few providers in this area who have the options and resources for a technically sophisticated inspection and repair. Last but not least, the safe release for trading to end customers and dealers plays a very important role for guarantee reasons alone. With the newer models and due to the rapid model change for smartphones, extended knowledge of technology, permanent training and extensive technical aids are imperative. This fact sets us apart from the crowd.

Origin of our goods?

We only get our products from wholesalers, distributors and network providers. Privately purchased smartphones may have too many unknown factors. For example, we do not know whether these devices have already been repaired by private workshops, whether displays have been replaced or components replaced. The goods we receive are unopened devices. Not that we assume that independent workshops do bad work! However, aftermarket components are used more often than ever because they are simply more attractive in terms of price. In such cases, the effort for us is considerably greater to restore the devices to their original condition.

Most of our employees bring their concentrated knowledge from Foxconn and Samsung with them and know very well where errors can occur and how to localize them and fix them permanently. It is undisputed that everyone can sell, but knowing what you are selling and being convinced of the quality is a completely different story.

12 months warranty! .... for devices from our tested and certified program.

Pay attention to the seal in the offer if you prefer this product. And usually much cheaper than the competition. Why is that so?? We buy the devices as larger batches with negotiated fixed prices. Most of these devices are activated, but some are unused. And we work very efficiently with a balanced share of costs for personnel, components and infrastructure. The excellent access to original parts stands out in particular. This allows us a high quality in the reconstruction and this at moderate prices. And ultimately, this is also reflected in the price of our devices.

Our recycling process

The devices are sorted, evaluated and tested on arrival. In addition to the functions, serial numbers, IMEI and integrity are also checked. ICloud (Apple) or Google-Lock are also checked. The country-specific assignment, if required for individual models, is also carried out within this process. We do not have manually unlocked devices! All devices are unlocked at the factory. The origin of the devices is documented. After the test, the devices receive stickers with the classification and any deficiencies found. Now the actual refurbishment process begins, with 2 teams processing the devices. After completing the reconstruction, a new functional and visual inspection takes place before the devices are sealed with foil and are ready for dispatch.

Why own refurbishment?

Many years of experience in this area have clearly shown one thing: The resale of devices in the general trade network is subject to a certain risk. Often you get goods with a different classification than ordered or there are worse devices in the delivery. In such cases, the frustration among our customers is immense and understandable. Selling a device with user traces or micro-scratches as "like new" or "placing" inferior devices in the order is not OK. Therefore, our devices from our own refurbishment with the A ++ rating are really like new! You will get what you have ordered from us and no goods have the defects, no matter what type. However, if you prefer cheaper devices ... well, of course we also have them, albeit to a limited extent. The devices of the B C and D sorting are also fully checked for function. However, these devices have a limited guarantee and are generally without accessories (HSO).