Recell24 - Company Profil

More than 10 Years Expierience in the field of mobile communication

Our many years of experience since the beginning of the smartphone age and generally also in the field of mobile communication give us the means for a high-quality and far-reaching product treatment as well as technical knowledge. As a former Telekom technician in the area of networks, the company is managed with the appropriate experience and extensive connections.

Recell24 mainly focuses on high-quality communication products from Apple and Samsung. Of course, we also have access to other brands such as: Huawei or Xiaomi. In addition to the distribution of new goods, the focus is primarily on renewed devices to underline the claim to quality. Unlike other independent dealers, we do not only trade in "used equipment". What we wanted to offer in terms of quality and reliability is very difficult to achieve with used equipment.

Our head office is in Neuenkirchen / Germany. However, we operate globally with many direct business connections within Europe, the United States and to Taiwan, Korea and Japan. With our direct connections to manufacturer sources in Asia, we have almost unlimited access to original parts, key components and resources. We work with renowned recycling companies, providers and providers of smartphones and suppliers for original parts.

Recell24 LTD

The Recell 24 LTD was the logical conclusion after the progressive growth and the analysis of the available sources for the procurement of suitable devices. Growing markets and the rapidly increasing business connections worldwide required an optimization of the sources of supply in order to keep up with the market requirements. The gaps in the procurement of suitable devices were successfully closed with our own reprocessing. Last but not least, this is also thanks to our highly qualified staff that invest an infinite amount of time in the preparation of the devices. And this fact enables us to keep the quality promise without compromising.

Our employees within Recell24 LTD come directly from the manufacturers' production. Equipped with the necessary specialist knowledge of the devices and their technology. Of course there is also further training in relation to new models and their changed technical equipment.

The fact that we were right with this decision is shown daily in the interaction with our customers. .... and we are proud of it! Only satisfied customers come back and maintain the business relationship. In the meantime we also receive orders and inquiries from Asia, which once again confirms the quality of our products.