Different product groups (grading & conceptual explanations)
You can also find pictures of the grading as a sub-group in our online shop

The quality of the goods at Recell24 is subject to a strict evaluation mode. Within the distribution to end customers, however, only devices with the classification A ++ / A are for sale. However, due to our connections to other dealers, we also have devices with different physical properties in our portfolio.


These devices are so-called 14-day devices that were on the market as demonstration models or only for a short time. Mostly resulting from the stocks of mobile phone providers or overhangs from retail. Furthermore CPO devices. (Devices that were checked, released and brought back to the market directly by the manufacturer), as well as completely renewed devices from our own reconstruction.


Grade B devices usually come from providers' buying stocks, which have initiated corresponding sales when new models are launched on the market. Likewise from acquisitions of recycling companies and recycling companies. Most of these devices have minor damage (micro scratches and signs of user wear on the display or case). The test process is the same as for all other devices. These devices are not completely renewed because the effort is greater than the benefits.


These devices have a wide variety of sources. Mostly with defective displays (broken glass) and / or considerable user traces on the devices themselves. The decision as to whether such a device is to be replaced depends on the state of the art. After the test, it is decided whether these devices will be renewed, come back on the market or be finally recycled.

BER DOA Devices

So-called BER devices (BEYOND ECONOMIC REPAIR) and DOA (DEAD ON ARRIVAL) are devices that are completely inoperative for various reasons. The reasons are mostly water damage, defective mainboards and several irreparably damaged components. These devices are generally recycled.