The guarantee conditions for all claims under this service contract may not exceed the original purchase price of the covered product (s) without taxes. If we determine that the Covered Products are not repairable, we can replace the Covered Product with a similar and higher quality product, provided that this does not exceed the original purchase price of the Covered Product. The replacement product is covered by the guarantee for the remaining term of the purchase contract. The warranty for used products (not refurbished) is 3 months from the day of sale. Guarantee for refurbished products from our source; 1 year from the date of sale

Cosmetic defects or damage, such as B. cracked displays
Glass damage caused by customers and / or damage due to carelessness.

Repair or replace due to improper installation, operation, maintenance or cleaning of the covered product in accordance with local regulations and the manufacturer's instructions or use in combinations that are not approved in the manufacturer's specifications.

Repair or replacement due to vandalism, unrest, or general environmental conditions, including but not limited to rust, corrosion, or mold theft and loss

Loss or damage to the covered product during transportation, delivery or return. Change or removal / change of serial number / IMEI.

Damage caused by dismantling the product

Software virus damage; unsuitable power connections or electrical wiring and connections in the user environment
Failures due to dust, animal or water damage; force majeure such as fire, water, storm, sand, dirt, hail or earthquake; civil unrest; nuclear accident