Here we answer questions that our customers have asked us before and that can help you with any questions that may arise. If your specific question is not included, please feel free to send us your request.

1.Common Questions

The devices that we sell have a proven guarantee on the part of the dealer. This depends on the classification of the device. Renewed devices have a 1 year warranty, devices with A, B or C (used devices) have between 4 weeks and 3 months warranty. This means that if a technical defect should occur, we will repair your device or replace it if the error is serious.

Some devices also have an active manufacturer's guarantee. In this case, this guarantee comes first.

Our devices come almost exclusively from provider stocks or overhangs and returns from companies. We do not use devices from private sources. In most cases, repairs have been carried out on private devices or components have been replaced. Since there is a risk that aftermarket parts have been used, we do not reconstruct and sell these devices.

We use the international abbreviations for devices and their classification. Furthermore, used devices are graded (RF, A, B, C, D). You can find more information in our service area. Here are the most common abbreviations:

  • HSO - Handset Only - This means devices without accessories. This is the usual form of delivery for used or resold devices.

  • RT - Retail devices with complete accessories and box, like a purchase in a retail store. However, the boxes are not welded.

  • DOA - Dead on Arrival - The name for devices that have no function immediately after delivery.

  • BER - Beyond Economic Repair - The designation for devices that are so badly damaged that repairs do not seem to make sense.

  • DFR - Disassembling for Recycling - The designation for devices that are delivered to us under this condition. The devices are disassembled, technically perfect parts are reused and the rest are recycled. Most single motherboards offered come from these products.

Due to our international presence, we have different models. Of course, we make sure that only the corresponding models are delivered to Europe, unless our customers explicitly require a different model. This applies in particular to Samsung devices, since the specifications differ significantly.

If available, we deliver the ordered devices from our warehouse in Germany. This applies in particular to devices with the A, B rating. If we do not have the devices in stock, they will be imported. We work with some partners in France and England who take care of the logistical handling. Usually it can take up to 5 working days before the ordered products are delivered. This is primarily due to the schedules of the transport companies and their capacity. You can find more information about delivery times in our terms and conditions.

2. Device renewal

Refurbishment is the complete reprocessing of the devices. All components are checked, replaced if necessary and the devices are reset to the factory settings. With newer devices, we make sure that when the display needs to be changed, it is sealed properly, which is not common in regular repairs. This ensures that the corresponding devices meet the specified standard IP68. There is a complete functional test and the creation of documentation / classification for the device. The devices are also visually inspected in relation to micro-scratches or existing user traces.

Then the devices (smartphones) are protected with film like new devices and released for remarketing.

By default, we only work with original components. We do not use aftermarket parts. Due to the extensive connections of our company, we have access to original parts. Especially with high-quality devices, the use of original components is imperative to maintain the full performance of the devices.

Why reprocessing in Asia? There are various, understandable reasons for this. On the one hand, the running costs (labor costs, spare parts) for reprocessing are significantly lower than for the same procedure in Europe. This ultimately manifests itself in the prices for the sale of the devices. On the other hand, it also ensures that the necessary spare parts are always available. When we receive equipment, we don't know which parts may be defective. Keeping a corresponding inventory in Europe would go beyond the financial framework.

Other points are: Extremely fast model changes by the manufacturers, whereby different challenges arise every time, as well as the required specialist knowledge of our employees. And of course the necessary equipment that is required for reprocessing.

As expected, the goal of quality in the reconstruction is 100%. However, due to the high number of devices from different models, it does not always work perfectly. People work there, not robots! The current error rate is around 1.4%. Most of the time there are minor mistakes, which have "slipped through" due to carelessness. However, our RMA system is able to fix these errors quickly and easily.

This is the only question for our customers. We can do both! Depending on the requirements, the specifications which are required are different. Ultimately, our customers decide what seems more advantageous for their sales. If we deliver RT, this means that the devices are delivered with a complete retail box (charger, USB cable, earphone & booklet). The price for these versions is of course a little higher than for HSO, but brings our customers the advantage that no accessories have to be bought separately.

3.Special dealer

The following generally applies to dealers: Delivery quantities of 20 or more devices are mandatory. We can only process smaller orders through our online shop, as the price structure changes for smaller orders. In exceptional cases (new customers) we can of course process a smaller test order. However, this remains a one-time exception.

Our capacity currently amounts to +5000 devices per month. Orders of up to 500 devices usually take 1 week to be delivered, as there is a permanent fluctuation and we could hardly build up stocks of certain models. So if you need larger quantities, please plan ahead and let us know in good time. We then place the order and produce the lead.

Mix & Match

With all devices from our range it is possible to mix the orders. You can freely choose which devices, brands, colors and models you need. We recommend formulating this clearly and unambiguously in your order in order to avoid errors or irritations.

Since this question came up more often, we deliver worldwide. For the most part directly from our Refubishment Factory. However, please note that we are also bound by the international regulations regarding prohibited technology transfer. Please inform yourself about the excluded countries on our service pages. Direct deliveries to the customer are easily possible. Of course, with the appropriate customer protection mechanisms.

Organizational delays

If we specify delivery times, these are based on the statements of the carriers. Experience shows, however, that a shipment can take up to 3 days longer than specified. As soon as the goods leave our warehouse, they are subject to the process of the transport company. We have no influence on their execution. Please take this into account when planning.

Most of our devices are subject to differential taxation because, despite refurbishment, they are still "used" devices that have already been in operation. However, some product groups are also fully taxed (Reverse Vat). This applies to new devices, new accessories and individual products that we buy from other partners. However, these products are shown accordingly in our lists.

Payment of goods

We work with bank transfers. We do not use any payment providers like PayPal to save costs. We also accept Transferwise. This has both technical and organizational reasons. Basically, a payment to our German bank account has priority. New customers are always subject to the pre-payment of ordered goods until we decide to credit orders.

Order process

After ordering, we will send you an official commercial invoice including shipping costs. The dispatch takes place after the bank-confirmed receipt of your payment.