Last Update: 28.04 2020 by Liu Xiaoling

On the right side you will find the available documents for download. Price lists are generally valid until the update. As a rule, weekly updates take place if changes occur. Active lists are marked with a date. (E.g. 02/2020) If no date is given, no documents are available.

For IT & Notebook products, please ask before placing an order. Since these products have a very short term, we will only confirm your order when it is clear that the products are still in stock.

Urgent information

Due to the Corona Virus and the decision by the Chinese government to quarantine, orders remain open until February 28th, 2020 insofar as they have to be delivered from our warehouse in Hong Kong.

Delivery Update: 18.04.2020

Disinfection measures may delay delivery up to 96 hours. However, regular sales and shipping continue even during the Covid-19 crisis situation.