Environmentally friendly recycling of electronics and smartphones.
Recell24 - Refurbisher, recycler & Trading platform

Recell24 LTD is a 100% subsidiary of the German company Recell24 GmbH. All our business activities are managed and organized from Germany. The main office is located in our headquarters in Neuenkirchen, as well as a store with a warehouse as a contact point for our customers. Our main areas is the refurbishment of smartphones from the brands Apple and Samsung, as well as their accessories and spare parts for any of these models. We work exclusively with original parts and in a highly technical renewal process with the latest technology. The demands on the quality of our devices are extremely high and we do everything to meet these requirements.

Our strategy

It is often the case that renewed products can be qualitatively superior to the former new delivery state, since important or faulty components were replaced with new (original parts) in a qualified workshop. If this happens in a specialist workshop or under the supervision of the manufacturer, defective components are regularly replaced with the latest design and the latest technology to prevent the repetition of the former defect. This applies e.g. especially for smartphones and tablets with built-in batteries, whose batteries were faulty. With regard to certain components, a device of the product condition definition may be refurbished or refurbished better and more modernly equipped than the original new device.

We have set ourselves the goal of reintegrating these types of devices into the regular market. Not everyone has the financial means to buy a new smartphone or other high-quality electronics at any time. Recell24 fills this gap with renewal and sales within Germany and worldwide. There is a close connection between the individual departments. In this way, all sales channels can access common stocks. Recell is also responsible for the procurement of original parts and the maintenance of connections to well-known companies in Asia. Original components are the key to the required quality when renewing devices. Our international connections ensure that we have access to a wide range of specifications. This also ensures that we remain able to act internationally.